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Davon Dean

A little more about Davon

Hello, Davon Dean here. I am a highly dedicated compassionate African-American therapist, who brings lived and professional experience to the field of mental health. With a background in clinical and behavioral therapy, I have assisted individuals( kids, youth, adolescents, and adults) navigate through their emotional and psychological challenges.

Born and raised in a urban community with limited resources and tools to assist with emotional needs, I believe I have a deep understanding of the unique cultural nuances and societal pressures that may impact the mental well-being of minorities as a whole. Furthermore, I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for clients to feel comfortable to explore their thoughts and
feelings, fostering a trusting therapeutic relationship.

My therapeutic approach is integrative, drawing from evidence-based modalities such as cognitive- behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family dynamic and psychodynamic techniques. I understand the importance of tailoring my approach to meet the specific needs of each individual, acknowledging the intersectionality of their identities.

In addition to my clinical work, I am an advocate for destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting self-care, including boundaries setting and advocating for ones-self . I believe in empowering my clients to build resilience, develop coping strategies, and achieve personal goals by identifying current needs with a warm and empathetic demeanor. Lastly, as a active-listener I strive
to create an environment where clients feel heard, valued, and supported on their journey toward mental well-being by being.

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