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Cherrie Scott


A little more about Cherrie

I was in born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to parents who struggled with drug addiction among other issues, which resulted in my being sent to my maternal grandparents and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. With time, I have realized more and more that being raised by my grandparents was the best thing for me, however, it was not without its own set of challenges. That is, I endured quite a bit of childhood trauma that I continue to overcome every day.

At 19, I joined the Navy and served for just shy of 13 years, so understanding those set of challenges is one of my specialties. Because of the difficult things I endured as a child and employing maladaptive coping skills, evidenced by losing relationships and experiencing challenges in the ones I managed to hold onto, my overcoming and healing journey began with pursuing an education.

I started with a BA in Psychology from National University (while active duty) in 2011 and graduated in 2013. After which I took a three-year break to complete various operational military commitments, and seek God on what direction he would have me go next. After separating from the military in June 2016, I enrolled in a master’s program in August 2016. I successfully graduated in 2021 with my master’s in Mental Health Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary San Diego.

I have experience providing comprehensive mental health services to youth and adults working through anxiety, depression, crisis, suicidal ideation, grief, addictions, life transitions, identity issues, spirituality, career counseling, codependency, life coaching, relational challenges, stress, trauma and PTSD, self- esteem, self-efficacy, punishment issues, among many others in individual and group settings. As a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator, I also work with premarital issues and couples.

My mission is to provide a safe space where you can come to receive the help you need, for as long or as short as you decide, as you navigate the life challenges that we all experience. Together, we will unearth the gold hiding within you. You can expect to be encouraged, empowered and equipped to live the life you were always meant to. Always remember, you are not what has happened to you, you are who you choose to be.

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