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Tamika Wyatt LMFT\Clinical Supervisor

A little more about Tamika

Feeling trapped, anxious, or depressed? I want to help! Seeking therapy is a personal choice motivated by many factors and as I appreciate your choice to seek out such care my aim is to collaboratively focus on solutions that build upon your strengths and values. I am motivated to equip you with the information needed to help you identify what seems broken and broaden your toolbox to repair yourself to wholeness. I am a client and solution-focused therapist with an emphasis on emotional awareness & empowerment. I aim to assist you in identifying your emotional style to facilitate your healing and capacity to adapt to life’s current stressors. Through my individualized approach to therapy, I offer a space where one can feel safe to shed the expectations of the world, de-mask, and feel observed, respected, and heard.

It is evident that emotions motivate us to think and behave the way we do. I hope to educate you on the power of your emotions via interventions in neuroplasticity, mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion focused treatments. Empowerment through emotional proficiency & coping will help you regain control of your negative thought & behavior patterns, thus leading to more experiences of feeling whole and rejuvenated. I have 8+ years’ experience working with adolescents/ adults suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, stress & anger management. I am dedicated to my field and the individuals with whom I have the pleasure to work. I look forward to speaking with you and setting out on the road to your healing!! Please email first for more info.

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