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Vanessa Carmona ACSW

A little more about Vanessa

I’m Vanessa, and as someone who practices and receives therapy, I maintain a deeply balanced appreciation for the power of therapy. I am dedicated to being attuned to the underlying issues impacting the people I work with. My hope is to be a catalyst to helping people realize their core wounds, understand which attachment needs were not met in childhood, learn the resources to heal and reprocess the painful conditioning that holds them back from reaching inner peace. While I will address the surface symptoms and behavioral problems, my goal is to ultimately help people become aware of and heal the root causes. I am passionate about helping people compassionately unlearn patterns of destructive behaviors that are hard wired and often rooted in adverse childhood events. My personal approach with each person will examine who they are, what happened to them and how they can start engaging in coping and nervous system regulating tools that will equip them to face work life, personal life, family and relationships.

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